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(ie: From High Rd turn left into Drake St>right into Holland Ave>Left into My street. Its the house with a brown van out the front.)

Product Choice Please select a grade of sleeper you would like to order. Be sure to pick the 7 foot or 8 foot sleepers you require:
Quantity How many sleepers do you want? Remember over 20 Sleepers gets you free delivery within the Perth Metropolitan Area.
Date and Time of Delivery Please indicate a time and date that suits you. Please understand we will try to accommodate you, but it's not always possible.
Final Instructions Please give us some final instructions IE: Don't drop on my reticulation or not on driveway or do not place near road. Again we will try to do what we can for you, but we may not be able to drop sleepers in some places.

When you are sure all information is correct please click Submit ~ NOTE All orders are COD and payable before the driver unloads the truck. All orders will be confirmed by phone by one of our sales personnel the day before delivery.

Mountain Movers is a Western Australian company with over 85 experience in Timber and Railway Sleepers.



within the Perth Metropolitan Area
Mountain Movers is a Western Australian Company with over 85 years experience in Timber and Railway Sleepers.

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